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Our animals are raised on pasture grasses in as natural a way as possible. We use no hormones, no growth stimulants and we don't creep feed our calves.

Double R Ranch
3215 Y Road
Hill City, KS 67642

Cell: 785-421-7077
Home: 785-421-2283

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Welcome to Double R Ranch Braunvieh

Double R Ranch specializes in Fullblood, Purebred and Percentage Braunvieh cattle. We have been raising Braunvieh since 1998 and have been working hard to produce cattle that will suit the commercial breeder, registered seedstock producer or anyone wanting to put more pounds on their cattle and more $$ in their pocket.

The Braunvieh breed combines the most positive traits and least negative traits of any breed, making it a profitable choice. Braunvieh put it all together: Maternal, Muscling, Marbling, and Performance. Braunvieh are one of the oldest breeds recorded and are not a crossbreed of any sort. They originate from the Swiss Alps and today still make up over 40% of the cattle in Switzerland. Braunvieh are extremely adaptable, they will do well in all extremes from Alaska to Brazil and in between. Known for being docile, Braunvieh females are excellent mothers with strong milk production. They are also very correct with their structure and produce well into their teens! On the carcass side, Braunvieh-sired cattle have consistently ranked high in national-level carcass contests and the breed is becoming well-known for its desirable carcass traits of high quality grade and low yield grade. Of all the Continental breeds, Braunvieh is the only one that has the marbling ability to go along with the muscle.

In the March 2003 Angus Journal R.A. Long in his Beef Logic article expressed the following:
"The muscle from cattle is termed beef, and beef is widely recognized as a prestigious, nutritious, healthful, good-tasting and satisfying food. Heavily muscled cattle yield a higher percentage of edible portion than do lighter-muscled ones. Therefore, among carcasses of acceptable weight and equal quality, the heavier muscled ones are more desirable and bring more money in the marketplace. However, the degree of muscling does not determine the amount of marbling. The Braunvieh is one Continental breed that is heavily muscled yet marbles very well."

Our Mission:
To create value for our customers by improving the quality and productivity of braunvieh cattle through performance evaluation while conserving natural resources.


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Thank You Buyers
We have sold nearly half our herd due to the drought. Thanks to all the buyers!
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